Great Causes


Castellan African Trust

Last year, whilst visiting my grandparents, I met the founders of a small charity based down in Devon. The couple, Jewel and David had set up the charity to directly help the families in rural parts of The Gambia, Africa. Hearing tales of their efforts and achievements over the years left me absolutely stunned. This small trust has truly improved the lives of the residents, and for generations to come. From installing bore-hole wells, to providing access to education, to showing the people of The Gambia that there is love and hope in the world. It’s truly incredible.

I really want to do my part to help them succeed in more projects and provide education, food, water and shelter to more incredible people. And if you wish to do your bit, then I implore you to visit their website, have a read up about all the amazing things they’re doing and bare in mind that this 100% voluntary charity is operating on a very small budget, but an immeasurable amount of heart. There’s a really easy way to donate on their website, and you can rest assured that every penny will make a huge difference – I really mean it.