Before It Began

Taken, I know you’re taken
Forgive my actions I’m out of line
But did you know dear, just like cumulus
When you are blinded, I’ll give you shade
So take me back

Before it began
Before it began
Before I could show you how much I care
Before long I know that you will forget
Before it began

Oh it’s funny how it matters to me
When you are blissfully unaware
That’s not to say that you didn’t feel it
How could you ignore something so rare?


My Heart Is Glass

I don’t know how we got here
I don’t know where to go
I’m weighing up my options
I guess I’ll never know
I’ll show you every weakness
I’ll show you every flaw
Just promise you wont leave here
Just promise there is more

How bad is my luck?
When the fragments scar your hands
Of my broken heart, it’s clear

My heart is glass
My heart is glass

I know the days still passAnd the world still spins roundI know the rain wont lastAnd the sun still goes downBut my heart is glassAnd it’s tumbling to the groundWithout you it breaks
My heart is glass
Will you, will you think about me?The way I thought of youWill you think about me?
There’s blood on the floorThere’s blood on the floorThere’s blood on the floorShattered pieces in your handsYou walk through the door and leave
My heart is glass


Down by the lakeside
I feel the water
Brushing against my skin
I feel the winds blow
It’s getting late, and the stores are due to close
As the man on the street, he covers up his woes
With another drink toasted to the world

Ah! This city never sleeps, so how can we dream?
All this noise is keeping me awake
And my body starts to fail
I’m falling to pieces!

Into the windows
Picturing souls worn
Warm glows ignite my skin
I feel the winds blow
How could you know?
How it feels, to walk alone
How could you know?
In the company of comfort
So now you know, how it feels


You were standing there alone looking in
You were a heart with no home falling in
Cover up your shoulders from the rain
Oh it’s pouring you must be cold

I’m feeling like I’m slipping, it’s deep within my soul
It’s finding all the answers, the questions are unknown
It’s common interaction, it’s sowing like a seed
Use my intuition to find another key
I’m falling in too deep, I am running out of time
I’m using up my oxygen wishing you were mine
I’ll hold my hands above me and hang my head down low
Hoping that you’ll see me before it’s time to go
I’m feeling like I’m slipping, away

My independence relies on me
I can’t take it for granted
I’m going solo that’s the key
For in my heart there’ll always be a place for you
Deep within my heart I know I’ll wait for you
Discovering the future now

Here comes the rain
You know I really hate goodbyes
Well, goodbye my friend
I hope to hold you tonight
Here comes the rain
You know I really hate goodbyes
Well goodbye my friend
I hope to see you again


Feet locked it’s the sign of the light, I didn’t think so
You think I’m better but I’m doing alright, you know?
Eyes locked it’s the sign of the times, you really think so?
You’re wrong to think that my head is alright, you know?

If you’re thinking like that then you mind is too slow
And everything you try, it will never be enough
It takes a strong heart just to learn to let go
But I guess I was never strong enough for you, I know

Our moment has come, we wait for the sun
From the grounds of our love, into our arms
Look up to the stars, and open our hearts
In these the craziest days you’ll be, forever mine

Inside I cry all the time, you didn’t think so?
Well I’m telling you that’s how I spend my time, when I’m alone
These complicated feelings blocking up my mind
Use them as a lens to look down, and who knows what you’ll find

This is our final call, the scene’s about to close
We’ll hold on to what we have, and never let it go
We will make up for it all, when the leaves start to fall
At our feet and we know what is left in store


So waste my time
And ask me questions
For I’m not here
I’m not real
It’s just the sound of the machine
A clock that’s ticking away
Counting down the hours
As we lie still
So don’t ask me why I do this to myself
I’ve got no self control
Well if it happens to me, it could happen to you

So throw me a rope
Throw it down
Lift my feet right off the ground
Cut me loose
Give me a break
There’s only so much I can take

When we wake up will it be over?
What will your friends believe?
So take your cameras out
It’s just the sound of the machine
My heart is ticking away
Counting down the hours
As we lie still

It’s the sound of the machine


I’m hanging on your last close words
They bring me closer to God
Palms like silk caress my arm
As you leave me to rot
I know it’s all the same to you
It’s just a matter of time
So know that I will not give you
Another second of mine
And I’m walking out, far from the middle
And I’m crawling back, just one more time

Why can’t we align what we can’t see?
And why should we believe what they’re preaching?
I’ve got everything laid out, so clearly
The problem is with you. To you it’s just a game

Caught up inside your web of lies
A step forward is one out of line
Keep challenging the borderline
To find out where we stand in time

I’ll see you within your dreams
I’ll scream a little louder
I’ll see you in the morning
And wonder where it all went wrong
All went wrong


The dark is alive
It’s my mind
Kiss farewell my partner
We split, we divide
Clutch my pride
As you drag me under

Our time is here
We’re holding, holding on
While we fear
Just what we will become

We crave while we fight
While we watch
As we break each other
So take one more step
And I swear it will be your last move

Our time is here
We’re holding, holding on
While we fear
Just what we will become
After the fall out
When we’re on our own
Our hands are
Holding, holding on


This is my mind’s eye
These are my thoughts
Complete with timelines
Stretched out on walls
Why don’t you want me?
Just make it plain
It’s all the same
These are my fingertips
This is my pain
So don’t leave me here
Don’t say goodbye
Accept nothing less
Expect nothing more
This pain I compress

For you, I’d drive a thousand miles
For you expect nothing less than smiles
This pain I compress

In times of feeling pressed
You mind is driving flat out
You must remember this: breathe slowly
Why shouldn’t we resist?
Defy conventional, it’s not essential
It’s just me looking out for you

I started breathing slowly
You started walking out


People standing, hoping
Watching as the world falls apart
Scenes have broken, tearing
Crumbling away once again
How many times have we been here before?
Over again, again, again

How many times
How many times
How many times do I have to tell you?
I know it’s hard, I know it’s dark here
I’ve watched you fall
I’ve seen you cry
Don’t cover up your face I know why
You’re hiding from me, you’re hiding
The feeling is gone
All feelings have gone away
Again, again, again

As the world falls apart
As the world falls apart


Come a little closer
Tell me how you feel
Apply a little pressure
on the back of your neck
Pull you in toward me
Like a hunter to its prey
Close enough to bite you
And see how good you taste

It’s hard to think clearly
With eyes like yours
it’s easy to fall as you smother
Beneath your skin
There’s a heart of gold
And I can’t resist to wonder

Blue from all the teasing
You’re messing with my mind
Innocence is fading
As I build upon my lie

I’m aching over your replies
Why’ve you become my saviour?
My memory is haunting me
As clips of you play and linger
I can’t believe my timing
I just can’t let you go that easily


Enchanted by your spells
Lost within your eyes
Home amoungst your words
I’m going straight to hell
I hope you’re coming with me
Let it be our home

Break me down until I fall
I don’t know this dream at all
A thousand miles forbids our love
Let it be known we won’t give up
We do our best and that’s enough

Eyes as cold as steel
Smile’s bright as silver
Touches feel like gold
Colour changing hue
In desolation Russia
My angel dressed in snow

The oceans in between us
Are never really far
The chance for us is nearing
To hold you in my arms
Keep looking at the stars


To get some sleep I have to dream
But it cuts you out for way to long
This salt’s so sweet it lets me be
But in your arms is where I’m home
Despite this road I know we’re gonna be sharing shadows
Let’s give it a try, let us see

Your arms feel like home
Your smile takes it toll
Heels over head, you know I’m way out of it!
Your arms feel like home
Your smile takes it toll
I’m in so deep, you know I’m way out of it!

Let’s spend some time, let’s fast the hands, let’s sow a seed together
We’ll watch it grow into a tree, our own shelter from bad weather

In every hole we find ourselves
I know that we will find a (way out of it)
Oo and when we’re ghosts we’ll haunt this home
Forever more, there is no (way out of it)
Heels overhead you know that I am (way out of it)
I’m in so deep you know that I am (way out of it)



It wont go away now
It’s embedded in your soul
It falls out from dark clouds
On to the ground beneath your feet
And I know conversations pass
And I know the dark will last again

Find a way out now
On your life depends
Like raindrops from dark clouds
On to your feet beneath the ground
And I know time will always pass
And this time the dark will never end

Take my hand and don’t let go
(If you want to, only if you want to)
Take my hand and don’t let go
(If you want to, only if you want to)

I hear the words within your face expressions 
All the pain that you must feel
And like the rain I want to 
Wash away the sin
There’s something inside me that calls you
And it’s calling you tonight

Over the mountain we’ll go
When the water’s up to our eyes
Into the oceans we run
With our heads held up to the sky
We don’t stand a chance now
But optimism’s all we have
To overcome these dark clouds
And learn to dance in the rain


It’s our perfect world
We tried so hard to make it
Feel so comfortable
Given our situation
I think we did well
Safe from all the fighting
The wars they got so old
So we built up our defences
And it’s a very nice place to be, honest
We tried our hardest to make it seem flawless

It’s our world and we will fight
We wont let them win tonight
We are safe and not alone
We wont let them take our homes
We are strong we will resist
So let me see you raise your fists
Raise them high into the air and shout,
“Ein, zwei, vier, wir halten zusammen!”

So the story goes
Over our situation
Miss out the details
Leave it to imagination
They destroyed our world
Sold it to the victims
And then it all ran out
Left us all fighting


And it hits you like a wall
There’s a ringing in your head, you know
When the sky begins to fall
Karma oversees the end
In the car I’m taking the long way home
Driving slow so you can see
What the human race has done
I swear, you can’t unsee

They’ve taken it all away from us
And they’ve left us all to die
And now there’s nothing left for us
And the hills start to cry
They’ve taken it all away

So try to run
Try to run away I wont stop you now
So take a hand
Take a hand and you will see it’s not that easy
Oh the picture of you on the wall
The one that was taken with the Polaroid camera
Oh I must apologise, I didn’t realise
That you thought that the world would be the same place
Now they’ve taken it all away

Here nothing left to find
Nothing left but questions buried deep within my mind
Nothing left but hope
Nothing left but fear
Nothing like the answers that you might quite like to hear
Here nothing left inside
Nothing there but stupid little voices in my mind
Telling me to run, telling me to hide
Nothing left but secrets that will keep us locked inside


I am nothing
Worthless nothing
Dust for souls
My dreams all gone
I am nothing
So very nothing
Life to the ground to be reborn

Throw me into the fire
It’s better if I burn
Cast me away as a liar
It’s better if I’m not found

I am nothing
Self worthless, nothing
Life alone my mind a haze
I am nothing
So barley nothing
You’ll forget me through the passing days

Broken my spirit
Tore me apart
Deciding on a suitable fate
To mend this broken heart


Time just fades away
Your blood is the same as mine
So erased they say
So hard to find
Every waking moment
Burning in my mind
Every stone I’ve turned
Seeking justice not to find

Engel bringen dich weg
Wondering what sky you ride
And I will keep on searching
Love lost gone to drawn
Dreaming of my hopes, they’ve died
And I will keep on searching

Thoughts I can’t ignore
They rattle in my head sometimes
Don’t let it erase what’s left of mine
A cold day in November
I will sing to you
Will you hear my voice?
And crack a smile just like you used to


Where do we go?
Where do we hide?
Do I know you?
Should I know you?
Come down, follow me
Let me show you
Let me show you

I can’t believe
Everyone I’ve known
Every word I’ve thrown
Together in symphony
Can’t defeat
The evil within me
The power to deceive the enemy

And it broke my soul
Straight down the middle
And it broke our hearts
In two

Someone hit the lights
Someone hit the lights

Tell me who you are
Promise me you won’t go far
I’m scared of the dark
Someone hit the lights


I still read your letters
Think I’m gonna be gone for awhile
I can’t face your demons
The pressure has been building for awhile
I still hope you’re okay
Since we haven’t spoken for awhile


As easy as to count the passing cars
(well you must be wrong)
And you say it’s written in the stars
(it’s been there all along)
But these things aren’t as simple as they seem
(well then you must be wrong)
I’ve done my best so now we’ll see
(although we’ve seen this all before)

Where do I stand?
At the bottom of it all
When it all begins to fall
I’m suffocating
Who can help me now?
It’s crushing down on me
Where do I stand?
At the bottom of it all
When it all begins to fall
It’s like a bad dream
No room to breath
It’s suffocating me

Take your time
Then take the best of time
Hold the line
Then hold it in your mind
You know, you know, you know this
So go, don’t go, control it

Near and far
So close, apart
I’m falling in
I’m falling in love


Falling in a circle
I cant promise, but I do
Life is but a spiral
Spinning round I get to you
And by the low tide
I think our walls are falling
They’re crumbling down to the ground
Since we’ve been stalling
Stop this high tide
Because I think I’m drowning
I never learned to swim
I swear my death is coming

Digging our way out the sorrow
Finding our way back tomorrow
Discovering something inside of you
I’ve wanted so long

This conflict flows
Like a rive through our heads
Taking down every wall, every stone, every door, every stair
And now we’re here
With nothing left
Nothing here
Everything that we held dear
Washed away with the rain, everything


I found room in the corner
I hide away from this
I found room in the drawer
Disguising walls paint obtuse pictures
Holding back dark memories
From leaking out onto the floor

Mirrors shake my reflection
I cannot see my expression
Hear her storm
Raining colours of grey and black
Chromatic visions
Proceed to speak
Loud until I cannot hear


I got everything you wanted
I worked way too hard
To have it criticized and faulted
That’s not who we are
Lay your head upon me
We know it’s not fair
No matter how hard it gets
Know that I’ll always be there
My love


Holding my head I can’t hear your voice
Can’t hear nothing through this fucking noise
I wanna hear you scream
I wanna see you beg
You know that I can see straight through your walls
That’s not much of a distance at all
Imma break your doors down
Let myself in

Shoot your head
I wont pretend
Window’s open view
The end of you

I fantasised about this moment
I dreamt it up inside my head
One bullet with your name on
With no stories left unsaid

I’ve a message for my friend
This is how it has to be
I want to show you to the end
I know, this is how we are set free
And in the ending of your life
Is the beginning of it all
Because the world won’t start to grow until
You take your fall

TELL ME I’M WRONG (ft. Imogen Evans)

I’m falling into something I can’t get out
My second wind wont kick in now the towl is down
It’s almost over, can I make it?
My time is coming, I’m out of patience
I’m getting nowhere, I’m standing right here
My eyes are closing, I feel them weaken

Here in my mind I’m always waiting
For I will always try I won’t give up
And every time I open my eyes
I see your face and I don’t ever wanna wake up

You turn me in for crimes I did not commit
I’m standing here all alone in my innocence
It’s almost over, can I make it?
My time is coming, I’m out of patience
I’m getting nowhere, I’m standing right here
My eyes are closing, I feel them weaken

I had a dream we’d all be saved
Tell me I’m wrong
It’s all over


We’ve come to free your minds
We’ve come to save your souls
We’ll bring you out of the darkness
We’re gonna show you the light
We’re gonna show you the way
We’re gonna show you a place
Free from all this pain

Raise your hands, raise your hands
Make a stand, make a stand
Let them know who we are
We are Auger
Shout it out to the world
And let your voices be heard
Let them know who we are
We are Auger

They’re here to take you away
There’re here to control your minds
You’ll never be the same again
They’re gonna lie to your face
They’re gonna let you down
We are your salvation